The initial line-up for this evening which was to feature MONKEY PUZZLE TRIO and CRACKLE has unfortunately had to be cancelled due to an injury to bassist Nick Doyne-Ditmas [we wish him a speedy recovery].....

Stepping in to the void is a new quartet, aptly called NECESSITY, featuring major players on the experimental scene, Charles Hayward, Viv Corringham, Pat Thomas and Ashleigh Marsh.

Charles Hayward – drums, keyboards, melodica

Known as the pioneering drummer with seminal experimental rock band This Heat and Camberwell Now, an ever growing list of solo concerts and cds, special collaborative performances, and is in Massacre with Bill Laswell and Fred Frith.

Recent releases include – Monkey Puzzle Trio with Viv Corringham and Nick Doyne-Ditmas. About with Pat Thomas, John Coxon and Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip [with whom he has also recently collaborated] and Clear Frame with Hugh Hopper, Lol Coxhill, Orphy Robinson and Robert Wyatt.

“Telepathic magic… … Hayward is one of the most life affirming who stalks this dark globe” []

Viv Corringham - electric voice, mini-disks
British vocalist, currently based in Minneapolis, USA, who makes performances, installations and soundwalks.  Her work has been presented extensively worldwide, and she has collaborated with the likes of Didier Petit, Milo Fine, Peter Cusack, Lol Coxill, Pat Thomas, Eddie Provost, Gino Robair, Maggie Nicols, Ansuman Biswas and Paul Burwell.

Pat Thomas - keyboards

Has been making his mark on the Oxford and London scenes [and elsewhere], both as a pianist and as a performer of electronic keyboards and other electronic gadgetry. Has collaborated with the likes of Derek Bailey, Lol Coxhill, London Improvisors Orchestra, Steve Beresford, Tony Oxley and John Edwards.

Ashleigh Marsh - synth

Musician, composer, engineer, sound sculptor. Recent projects include 'Shape Moreton' with Charles Hayward, Nick Doyne-Ditmas, Rob Mills and Chris Cornetto. Past collaborations include joining Faust on five of their 2007 UK tour dates, 'Anti-clockwise' with Charles Hayward and David Aylward, The Casual Labourers, WITS with Viv Dogan Corringham, Sophia Lycouris and Gina Southgate, and some startling events with the late great Paul Burwell.


“…the missing link between Krautrock and Lee Scratch Perry” - Rock a Rolla

“…the spirit of Ege Bamyasi-era Can looms large” - The Wire

“ …this is deeply grooved and experimental stuff” – Clash magazine

"This debut from the South London sextet is bathed in the rhythmic propulsion of Can, spiky post-punk Moog/guitar interplay, and the dissonance of This Heat" - Uncut


"Deeply inventive, forthcoming EP 'Dust' has already gained some fantastic reviews. Removing the flab from dubstep, Crewdson harks back to the skeletal post-garage of Burial - emotive, introspective and shrouded in mystery." [Clash Magazine]

"With yet another brilliant new style of electronic music comes yet another inspirational artist." [Rock Feedback]

"There’s a disembodied voice kicking around the sound of a hundred cassette decks unspooling at once. But he’s got a beat to counteract, tiny percussion and a broken snare, as though he’s throwing the literal kitchen sink full of instrument junk at our stupid American desire to box him in." [Fader]


CREWDSON will be playing a lunchtime gig [1.15pm] at Pure Groove's pop up shop on 17th Dec.

His debut release on Slowfoot, 'DUST EP' featuring remixes by GRASSCUT and BASS CLEF will be in the shops 13th Dec.....

Check it out!!



Wednesday 15th December, 7.30pm
Lewisham Arthouse
140, Lewisham Way,
New Cross, SE14 6PD

Rock-A-Rolla magazine's review of MONKEY PUZZLE TRIO's debut CD 'White World' 

'Featuring ex-This Heat drummer extraordinaire Charles Hayward, Monkey Puzzle Trio is a new improvising three-piece that sees the enduringly fresh-thinking percussionist joining forces with double-bassist Nick Doyne-Ditmas and avante-garde vocalist Viv Corringham.....the group sounds incredibly, tight, natural and together...the interplay between Hayward's ever-propulsive drumming and Doyne-Ditmas driving, groove-focussed double bass is particularly wonderful, giving the majority of the album a real body-moving, rhythmically infectious feel, despite the tricky abstract potential of the Trio's modus operandi. The found sounds and often cut-up free-form vocal experimentation that Corringham mixes into the grooves, along with the passages of Hayward's melodica and keyboard work, add another layer of interest and brilliantly executed texture and atmosphere to the operation....
An utterly impressive debut, White World is the exciting sound of three musicians tuned perfectly to each others sonic free-thinking.'
(Alex Woodward - Rock A Rolla magazine - November 2010)

Extract from an article about audio-visual duo SCULPTURE in The Wire magazine

'......Sculpture, an audio-visual duo of London based musician Dan Hayhurst and animator Reuben Sutherland, whose working methods demonstrate a startling synergy. Live, the duo suspend a camera above a Dansette-style turntable upon which Sutherland plays his picture discs. Their static images suddenly spring to life, spilling out surreal, luridly coloured, twisted Pop Art imagery. The music is produced using tape loops - spliced tape extracted from C-90s - wrapping one around the head of a tape deck and feeding the warping, oscillating audio through a matrix of guitar pedals, mixer and sampler.
''We met fairly randomly and realised we were both using very similar techniques and had a common aim: derangement of the senses to achieve a transcendental 'thing'....the process is important, the way its thrown together: style, rhythm, flair'.
It'd be a mistake to conclude from the vintage of their gear that Sculpture are pursuing a retro analogue aganda. Their purpose is to explore the brain's perceptual thresholds - 25 frames-per-second threshold for images and 44,100 samples-per-second for sound - beyond which sensation becomes smooth and continuous. Sculpture hover at these sensory junctures, invoking the cortical feedback mechanisms of the brain.'
(Matthew Ingram - The Wire - December 2010)