"The album's velocity has the stability of a high-wire walker, but despite outbreaks to the contrary, Logan's ammunition isn't stuck on autofire. Methodical pincer movements puncture sceneries like balloons, and Logan layers technology like a game of skyscraper-high Jenga ('Photovoltaics')… …Logan is out for his pound of 'Flesh', and once again comes back quids in. 8/10" [Clash]

'Flesh, his third album, a musical object so radical and daring it seems not to belong to his time.' [Trax]

"meticulously produced, methodical and brilliant." [Igloo Magazine]

"Flesh is like a lot of things, and yet it has a personality, a usefulness, a quality all to itself. Recommended." [Louder Than War]

"If you haven’t heard his work yet, you’re in for a treat." [Space and Sound]

"Flesh is a great work in not only atmospherics but deep composition relying not on conventional elements so much as the fine detailed placement of found sounds, rhythms and treated instruments. Highly recommended." [Igloo Magazine]

"…a challenging but ultimately rewarding listen; initially jolting yet meditative, the shadows it creates lure you into an all-encompassing world of unsettling dreams and hallucinogenic scenes. This is uncomfortable in a manner that intrigues and delights as much as it scares – go on, I dare you." [Digital Fix]

"Flesh exemplifies a conspicuous degree of confidence and assurance. What's particularly noteworthy is that, although the hour-long collection draws upon myriad styles, among them IDM, funk, folk, classical, and electronica, Logan fuses them fluidly such that no one style asserts itself to the exclusion of others." [Textura]


[Nov 2015 - Jan 2016]

Fredy Studer - drums, percussion
John Edwards - double bass
Daniel Sailer - double bass
Joana Aderi - vocals, keys, electronics
Joy Frempong - vocals, keys, electronics

4 Nov - Helsinki Club, Zurich
5 Nov - Helsinki Club, Zurich
6 Nov - Helsinki Club, Zurich
7 Nov - Helsinki Club, Zurich
2 Dec - Cinema Sil-Plaz, Ilanz
3 Dec - Le Singe, St.Gervais
4 Dec - Espace Cultural Le Nouveau Monde, Fribourg
5 Dec - Sudpol, Luzern
6 Dec - Bee Flat Im Progr, Bern
20 Jan - Le Bourg, Lausanne
21 Jan - Cafe Mokka, Thun
22 Jan - Kraftfield, Winterthur



Phall Fatale are a truly extraordinary grouping of instruments and musicians. Up front are two women, Joy Frempong (OY, Filewile etc.) and Joana Aderi (Sissy Fox, Eiko) whose voices have the power to freeze the blood in our veins and who also perform keyboards and electronics. Lined up behind them are the two double bassists, John Edwards (Robert Wyatt, Mulatu Astatke and many others) and Daniel Sailer (Frachter, Pol) whose contrasting styles make for a truly subtle and exciting blend. Centre stage at the back we find drummer extraordinaire Fredy Studer (Koch-Schütz-Studer, Doran-Stucky-Studer-Tacuma and many others). His percussive range is incredible. Tender and melodic one moment, thunderous and hard the next, he is both foundation and ornament to Phall Fatale’s unique sound. 

Their music bridges the gap between song and improvisation, between pop and experimental. The individual voices of the singers merge with strident electronic sequences into the organic powerhouse of the two double basses and drums. Powerful hardcore packets of groove and spoken word are juxtaposed with meditative soundscapes that tell stories. 

'The Girl, The Beat' is the single and first track from their forthcoming second album 'Moonlit Bang Bang' [15th Jan 2016 - Slowfoot Records] and sees the group deliver, with the help of producer Roli Mosimann [The Swans, New Order, That Petrol Emotion], a delicious slice of alt-pop with its sly commentary on the fashion world. The single will be accompanied by a video.

Available on Itunes, Juno and more...


New signing PHALL FATALE have released a new single entitled  'THE GIRL, THE BEAT'.
The single is taken from their forthcoming album 'Moonlit Bang Bang' [scheduled for release on 15th Jan 2016 on vinyl and cd] and is also accompanied by a video which has been premiered by The Monitors.

See what they have to say here -
The Monitors video premiere - Phall Fatale - 'The Girl, The Beat'

"Not enough bands use double basses... ...Well, it might be because Phall Fatale have got ‘em all. The Switzerland-based five-piece boast not one but two (two!) double bassists, one of whom is also listed on their website as playing, mysteriously, ‘devices’. Ooooh. They put them to good use too, with Phall Fatale exploiting an impressive and diverse collective musical CV (members of the band have played with the likes of John Zorn, Mulatu Astatke and Urbaniak) to service their slick and sophisticated avant-pop.

They’ve also conceived a fine visual counterpoint to their music, as evidenced in the video to their track ‘The Girl The Beat’, which we’re proud to premiere today. A hilarious, Almodóvar-inspired satire on the fashion industry starring a preening model and a pair of overly attentive stylists, it’s as elegantly directed as the magazine shoots it sends up. In fact, it’s as beautifully polished as the track itself, a subtle, percussive take on electro-pop that sits somewhere between Hot Chip and Barbara Morgenstern." [The Monitors]