Slowfoot Records hosted night featuring south-east London producer Crewdson who's recent debut album 'Gravity' has been drawing huge praise, murky experimental electro-jazz trio Crackle and melodic drone unit Signals.


South East London’s acclaimed producer Crewdson who has recently released his debut album 'Gravity' on Slowfoot and has been hailed as one to watch amongst his ‘post dubstep’ peers, “…blowing Jazz and glitch into the vessels sails”. His live set incorporates live sampling of voice, saxophone and miscellaneous objects which he manipulates with his idiosyncratic electronic set up including midi motorcycle handlebars.


Murky experimental electro-jazz trio of Nick Doyne-Ditmas [Monkey Puzzle Trio, Pinski Zoo] on bass, cornet and electronics, Frank Byng [Snorkel, Robert Logan Trio] on drums and electronics, and Ben Cowen [Snorkel, 7-Hurtz] on keyboards and electronics.


Signals was formed by Chris Gowers (Karina ESP, Evelyn Records) and Phil Julian (Cheapmachines, Authorised Version) during summer  2004, initially to work on collaborative performance for the 2004 London Headphone Festival.

During November 2005, Mark Beazley of Rothko joined Signals to play live as part of the on-going Evelyn Records evenings in London, cementing the core line-up.

The trio’s live performance’s consist of 15 to 20 minute drone and melody explorations, utilizing bowed and effected guitar, live laptop manipulations and sampling, bowed ceremonial bowls and effected bass guitar.