‘Rewind’ is the latest release from enigmatic synth and drums duo Soccer96, comprised of Danalogue [Dan Leavers] and Betamax [Max Hallett], and follows their acclaimed 2016 album ‘As Above So Below’. With a nod to the beat tape aesthetic, 'Rewind' is a collection of newly discovered reel to reel recordings, live mixed on a vintage ‘Alice’ mixing desk in the Soccer96 analogue lab.

Seamlessly segueing from polyrythmic psychedelic grooves to ambient synth pieces haunted by moments of mysterious tape bleed, 'Rewind' is a surreal, archaeological dig of a record, drenched in the sounds of degraded tape and analogue subtlety.

There will be a limited vinyl release of 300 records, lovingly hand stamped and stencilled by the band – in black and white as standard but with super limited colour versions available [gold, orange, blue and green].

Scheduled for release on 18th May 2018 but available for pre-order now!